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by TRUVAC Team, on Mar 20, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Discover the best practices to optimize the lifespan of your hydro excavator and improve its efficiency. Regular Maintenance: Key to Longevity Regular maintenance is essential for extending the life of …

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by TRUVAC Team, on Jun 14, 2022 3:37:00 PM

TRUVAC was pleased to participate in an OSHA Demo Day as part of the utility construction industry's annual Trench Safety campaign in the month of June. NUCA, OSHA, and United …

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by TRUVAC Team, on Dec 17, 2021 12:09:36 PM

Visual utility locating mitigates risk of line strikes and strives to ensure safety of your crew No two utility locating jobs are ever the same. Whether the job is a …

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