Why TRUVAC is the Best Choice for your Business


At TRUVAC, we’re committed to bringing you the equipment you need to build your business, drive productivity, cut costs, increase uptime, and help assure the satisfaction of your customers.  When you consider what you should look for in equipment, it becomes clear that TRUVAC is your best, most profitable, most reliable choice.

Purchasing Contracts

Sourcewell: Contract Number 101221-VTRtruvac.sourcewell

Sourcewell is committed to serving our Members through a continuous effort to meet your current and future needs. We are driven to provide efficient public service through our National Contract Purchasing solutions and other related programs. We are only able to do this as we work together, creating a unified purchasing alliance valued by all.

At its core, Sourcewell is a Member-driven service cooperative with a Membership now exceeding 30,000. Sourcewell offers a multitude of products, equipment and service opportunities to education, government and other non-profit entities.

Sourcewell members can purchase the following TRUVAC products from the competitively bid and awarded contract:

Paradigm  |  FLXX  |  TRXX  |  HXX  |  APXX

David Panizzi


Our North American dealer network is ready to bring you all the power, performance, quality, and value of TRUVAC vacuum and hydro excavation equipment.