Air & Hydro Excavator / Non-CDL Compact

The most innovative and versatile small vac truck on the market.


16" Hg at 3200 CFM
6" Hose


300 gallon capacity
2500 psi pump pressure


195° Rotation
Extendable up to 17'

Debris Body

3.34 yd3 standard
50° dump angle

Paradigm Chicago 0095


The Paradigm® lets you excavate around utilities with the utmost safety and efficiency. Paradigm is customer- inspired, built to satisfy the most stringent safe-digging requirements, and backed by the TRUVAC® commitment to quality.

Unrivaled Versatility

  • Extendable boom with powered raise/lower and stowed with dig hose attached for quick setup and tear down
  • Compact design for easy maneuverability available in non-CDL configuration
  • Park-N-Dig quick setup design allows operators to flip a single switch to begin operations
  • Single engine design for unmatched performance


Quick setup design that allows operators to flip a single switch to begin operations.


  • Hydro Excavation
  • Air Excavation
  • Potholing/Daylighting to locate underground utilities
  • Keyholing for HDD installations
  • Slot Trenching
  • Cleanup of flood water, drilling spoils, catch basins, and construction sites
  • Valve box repairs
  • Removal of non-hazardous liquids

DigRight® Technology

DigRight® is a patented technology that increases safety, adheres to industry recognized best practices, and allows you to focus on the job – all in the push of a button.

  • Prevents pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements
  • Prevents wear and tear on check, unloader and relief valves by avoiding bypassing water
  • Saves fuel and money by eliminating wasted energy
slot trenching with Truvac hydroexcavator

The PARADIGM hydrovac truck is used for applications in:

Industrial • Railroad
• Gas industry • Airports
• Power industry • Oil fields
• Military • Tunneling
• Environmental • Utilities
• Telecommunications • Nuclear
• Construction • Landscaping
• Water & sewer systems • Road Construction


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