DigRight® Technology

DigRight is a patented technology that increases safety, adheres to industry recognized best practices, and allows you to focus on the job – all in the push of a button.

DigRight Advantages

  • Prevents pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements
  • Prevents wear and tear on check, unloader and relief valves by avoiding bypassing water
  • Saves fuel and money by eliminating wasted energy

DigRight Technology coupled with our Multi-flow, water pump feature, allows you to select a maximum water pressure limit to prevent the pressure from exceeding site or industry requirements. DigRight is available on the Paradigm, FLXX, and HXX models.

The system consists of a push button on the control panel or wireless remote with default selections that can be changed by the user for specific site or user requirements. It automatically adjusts the pump’s water flow to match the user’s nozzle selection. It also prevents wear and tear on check valves, unloader valves, and relief valves by avoiding bypassing water, which is typical with other variable water flow systems. Preventing bypassing of water also saves fuel and money by eliminating wasted energy.

Found on utility, municipal and public works, oil and gas, construction, and site preparation job sites across North America, TRUVAC vacuum excavators provides a safer, easy-to-use alternative for potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation, pipe and line repair and installation, and other large-volume excavations.

TRUVAC Standard Water systems

TRUVAC’s standard water system is rated at 3,000 psi with options of 10 gpm or 20 gpm water flow. The water pump is controlled hydraulically and features our Multi-flow, variable water flow capabilities, which allows you to adjust water flow on demand. Our water pump is mounted in its own cabinet away from electrical components. The cabinet can also be heated and insulated for cold weather applications.