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Smart Solution for Non-Destructive Excavation

by TRUVAC Team, on Mar 3, 2023 3:05:36 PM

Vacuum excavation provides a more precise, less destructive, and safer method for “daylighting.” “Daylighting” is the term to describe digging to expose and visually confirm the location of underground utilities and is also referred to as “safe digging.” Vacuum excavation can be performed with either pressurized air or water in addition to an industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate the soil spoils back into the debris body of the vacuum excavator. This minimally invasive method of excavation exposes the underground utilities with speed and minimizes damages in borehole and trenching applications.

Excavation Precision in Challenging Locations

Beyond tough soils, certain locations like urban and residential areas, or landscapedTRUVAC FLXX_Atlanta close up 2021_120309 grounds, require more precise and safer alternatives to mechanical or shovel digging. The design of the midsize TRUVAC® FLXX™ vacuum excavator is designed for a wide range of applications where reducing damage to jobsites, that often include residential yards or mature plantings with extensive root systems, is required in a location where a full-size vac ex would not be as productive or profitable. The more maneuverable FLXX™ has positive benefits for contractors that include increased usable payload capacity, maximized job productivity, and a dramatic reduction in the frequency of receiving overweight vehicle fines.

Seeing is Believing

TRUVAC® brand vacuum excavators are designed to support safe digging practices and reduce risks inherent in underground utility location. Whether a job is a new installation, or repair to existing underground infrastructure, contractors will benefit from using marked utility locations as merely “suggested” locations, or a guide map to the construction area. Safe digging with non-destructive vacuum excavation will provide visual confirmation of the location of buried utilities and contribute to increased productivity on the job and smarter digging designed to be more profitable for contractors.