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Westech Wolf Oilfield Vacuum Truck

The Most Durable
Oilfield Vacuum Truck



TRUVAC Wolf by Westech

The TRUVAC Wolf is operated in some of the most extreme conditions which are no match for its classic style control system.

Designed and built in Edmonton, Canada, with some of the coldest winters on the planet, this hydrovac knows tough.  All backed by the TRUVAC commitment to quality.

Its many features include:

  • Several boom configurations with 26' reach
  • Designed and built for the most extreme applications
  • Optimized weight distribution to maximize legal capacity
  • Classic style hydraulic and electrical system for ease of field troubleshooting and repair



8" vacuum system, extendable to 26' reach, 320° rotation


Available on a wide variety of chassis and axle configurations

Debris Body

45° tilting, 14 yd3 debris body

Vacuum System

Positive displacement blower options rated at 28 in-HG/5,200 CFM

Water System

Hydraulically driven 20 gpm at 3000 psi water pump