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TRUVAC Vac Trailer

Vacuum Trailer
Larger Carrying Capacity



TRUVAC Hydrovac Support Pup by Westech

The TRUVAC hydrovac support pup enhances any hydrovac or vacuum truck to increase its hauling capacities for those extreme jobs.

The most versatile unit designed to allow more legal carrying capacity specifically designed for the hydrovac industry. All backed by the TRUVAC commitment to quality.

Its many features include:

  • 21 yd3 debris tank and 1,500 US gallon water capacity in side mounted tanks
  • Vacuum pump to offload debris and enclosed high flow water pump to replenish water tanks
  • Adjustable tridem axle grouping allows to be used in any territory
  • Connects to any make/model with pintle hitch, hydraulic and electrical connections



Tridem stiff pole trailer


45° tilting, 21 yd3 debris body

Debris Body

1,500 US gallons – Side mounted aluminum water tanks

Vacuum System

Hydraulically driven vacuum pump rated for 500 CFM and 28” Hg. 6” vacuum connection

Water System

Hydraulically driven high-flow, gear water pump